The Hawk Board’s Objects and Constitution


The Objects of The Hawk Board, (hereinafter referred to as the `Board`) are:-

To liaise between keepers of all Falconiformes, (diurnal birds of prey ) and Strigiformes, (all Owls) hereinafter referred to as `Hawks`, the Government and other bodies, in the best long term interests of the hawks and the keepers.
To encourage those who keep hawks for any purpose to adhere to appropriate and approved Guidelines and Code of Conduct, and to seek to promote increasingly high standards of husbandry and conservation.
To collate scientific evidence to safeguard and promote falconry and the keeping of hawks.


The election of members to the Board shall be held at three yearly intervals.

The Board shall consist of :-

6 specialist elected members, each of whom shall be entitled to vote.
6 members from specified bodies as set out in para. 6 below, 4 of whom shall be entitled to vote.
1 representative from each of the clubs affiliated to the Board. Each representative shall be entitled to vote.
The Chairman of any permanent sub or standing committee who shall be entitled to a vote.

Additional non-voting members may be co-opted to the Board as circumstances require.

The 6 specialist members shall be nominated and elected by the members of the Clubs affiliated to the Board. Candidates will be expected to have an understanding of national and international legislation and policy from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs(DEFRA), and the Convention for International Trade in Endangered Species(CITES) relating to birds of prey, and an awareness of the threats against Falconry and hawk keeping.

The 6 members representing the specified bodies shall comprise 1 representative from each of the DEFRA, the JNCC, the Federation of Zoos, the Scottish Hawk Board and the Welsh Hawk Board, together with the Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance.
Only the representatives from the Federation of Zoos, the Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance or nominee, the Scottish Hawk Board and the Welsh Hawk Board shall be entitled to vote.

Falconry, Hawking and other Raptor Clubs and Associations may affiliate to the Board providing they have complied with the undermentioned requirements and have been accepted by the Board :-
a – submitted a copy of their Constitution/Code of Conduct, the aims and objects of which are acceptable.
b – Submitted a verifiable current membership list giving the names and addresses of members.
c- Paid the required per capita levy based on the membership numbers.
d. Provided written proof that the Club has been in existence for at least 1 year prior to the application being submitted.

All Clubs affiliated to the Board are entitled to :-

a. Representation on the Board through the 3 year election process.

b. A copy of the Minutes of each full meeting of the Board.

c. Send representatives to Discussion Symposiums organised by the Board.

Board members, whether elected or appointed shall serve for a period of 3 years aAnd shall be eligible for re-election or re-appointment at the end of the term of

The Chair shall be elected by members of the Board from among their own number.

A Vice Chair shall be elected by members of the Board from among their own number and will preside over meetings in the absence of the Chair.

A Secretary, Treasurer and Co-ordinator may be appointed by the Board under mutually agreed terms and conditions.

No member of the Board shall apply for a licence to take a British bird of prey from the wild.

The past attendance record of any Board member seeking re-election shall be made available to the electorate.

A person is not eligible to stand for Board membership or to sit on the Board if he or she is opposed to falconry, or is a member of or supporter of or affiliated to any organisation which is opposed to falconry or any other field sport.

A member of the Board awaiting the decision of a Court for an offence concerning birds of prey shall be suspended from the Board and if convicted shall be dismissed from the Board.

No individual may stand or sit as a Board member if he or she is awaiting a court decision for an offence concerning birds of prey or who is subject to any criminal warrant or charge in any country concerning birds of prey.

If a member of the Board or his/her appointee is absent from all of 4 consecutive meetings of the Board, he/she shall vacate his/her seat on resolution to that effect on a majority vote of the other members present and voting at that fourth meeting.


Ordinary meetings of members of the Board shall be held quarterly or more often as the Board decides.
In the event of an Extraordinary Meeting being called by a minimum of 9 members, provision shall be made
For the business to be stated in the requisition notice to the Secretary.
For the meeting to be held within 21 days of the Secretary receiving the requisition
Eight members shall form a quorum
Each voting member including the Chair, shall be entitled to 1 vote. In the event of an equality of votes, the Chair shall have an extra casting vote.

Sub- Committees

The Hawk Board may form permanent sub or standing committees if required. Such an action may only take place at a full meeting of the Board when it must appear as an agenda item duly notified to the members.

Each sub-committee so formed will have a function specified by the Board and a remit set in writing and recorded in the minutes of the Hawk Board. The function and remit shall be published prior to the meeting to form the sub-committee.

The members of the sub-committees shall be drawn from members of the Board, members of affiliated Clubs or people with the required expertise.

The numbers on each sub-committee shall be determined by the Board who may review these numbers as it sees fit.
Once the size of the sub-committee has been determined, the Board will appoint suitable individuals qualified under 3 above at any time. Appointments can only be made by the Board at a full meeting. An appointment may be terminated at any time by the Board.

The sub-committee will then appoint a Chairman from within its own number. The internal structure of the sub-committee will be at the discretion of its members.

The members of the sub-committee will be reviewed by the Board annually.

The sub-committee will report in full to the Board at its quarterly meetings and appoint a person at each of its own meetings to record the minutes, which will be available to the Board. A written summary of the sub-committees work is to be submitted to the Board quarterly.

Any sub-committee formed under these provisions may be closed at the Boards discretion. Such an action may only take place at a full Board meeting and must appear as an agenda item duly notified to members in advance.


Each club affiliated to the Board shall pay an annual levy to the Board calculated on the number of each clubs subscribing UK members whose membership status allows them to keep hawks, at a per capita rate determined by the Board. Numbers are taken at 30th April each year. This levy is payable on or before 31st July each year.

The Board has power to vary the rate of the annual levy.

New clubs wishing to become affiliated during the course of the Board year which ends 31st March, shall pay the fee at a reduced rate.

Failure to pay the annual levy by the stated date will result in :-

For clubs represented on the Board :-

Suspension of the club representative from attending Board meetings until Payment is made in full.
Cancellation of affiliation status on the following 31st October if payment has not been made by that date.
Reasonable expenses will be considered for Elected Board Members and Co-opted Members.