About us

The Hawk Board has been in existence since July 1979, and is the liasing body between those people keeping, breeding, hunting, flying and working with birds of prey and owls in the United Kingdom and the various government and recognised bodies who may affect the keeping of birds of prey.

The Hawk Board works to protect falconry and the keeping of birds of prey by collecting and collating scientific evidence on all aspects of captive birds of prey. It also endeavours to make sure that the standards of bird of prey keeping are of the highest in the UK.

The Hawk Board is a voluntary organisation of unpaid members apart from the Co-ordinator. At the outset it was set up to represent keepers through their clubs and organisations. This is because contact with individuals has shown to be impossible, mainly due to the Data Protection Act. However anyone can contact the Hawk Board through the Co-ordinator who makes sure correspondence is brought up at meetings. Once a year the Hawk Board holds an open meeting to which anyone is welcome.

The CFF is the Campaign for Falconry which was founded in 1997. As the falconry subcommittee of the BFSS, now the Countryside Alliance, dissolved, some of the existing members, along with HB members and other interested parties, got together to form the CFF. The CFF remit was to assist the financing of the Hawk Board Co-ordinator as the CA slowly reduced the agreed initial funding. For further information see contents list and go to CFF Page.

The Scottish Hawk Board is the falconry body, protecting falconry with Scotland. Since devolution some Acts and regulations affect Scotland differently. The Scottish Hawk Board, which is a part of The Hawk Board works on these and other problems. For further information go to Scottish Hawk Board page.